Open Collaboration

We are building an open-source mind-map so that thousands of activists, researchers, and organizations can collaborate more efficiently on solution strategies.

Impactful Contribution

From understanding, to impact - we need focus on data-driven explanations and opportunities. We're building a resource for actionable information minus the clutter.

Anticorruptive by Design

Radical transparency of our funding sources and use of funds, highly robust monitoring system, or creative data back-up strategies

We are an international collaboration of change-makers working to build a beautifully intuitive map to our future

A market for the world's greatest challenges - Where solutions markets find efficiency


Intuitively navigate global challenges and resources like never before. Find solutions, ideas, and perspectives you've never thought of.


To solve problems, we need succinct yet accurate resources to understand them. We provide simplified structure to crucial information, be the data conceptual, visual, audio, or raw/numeric.


As solutions and ideas are shared, we want to make them accessible to anyone who may need them. This means partnering with other educational organizations, and making connections for quicker search and discovery.


Everyone can contribute to solving major world problems - regardless of class or geography. We want to provide a clear and focused context for all contributors to focus towards that which most impacts our world.

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