Building the Map to Our Future

We're designing a platform not only to mirror how the mind naturally frames and inquires on problems, but also keeping in mind some of the best problem solving practices.

Using a mindmapping structure, we're able to easily organize far more informational complexity than a simple table or page of text. This allows anyone to access a great depth of tangibility and understanding - with just a few clicks - without ever leaving the original page.

When anyone does research on global challenges, there mind generates/asks questions in predictable patterns. First the parts of the brain light-up related to the conceptual area, it focuses on to the scope/type of problem, and then it seeks to understand the problem more, find solutions, or bring clarity to what may be a general confusion.

Prioritizing Problems

Though problems will be ordered by measures specific to each industry and problem type, generally, problems can be measured by 'Number of Lives' directly impacted by the stated problem. Getting down to the "Hard to quantify" is a challenging task, and is a skill the community will refine and innovate over the coming years.

Understanding Problems

Before any effective solution can be constructed, we must first understand the problem. We organize it into four key parts: an exposition (comprehensive summary), key statistics and data by which we measure the problem, cases and instances, and causality chain for analysis.

Comparing and Creating Solutions

Of existing/implemented solutions, we have Four categories: Those which are just 'Starting' (and justifiably don't have substantial supportive data), and those that are 'Working', 'Failing', and/or 'Harming' (according to the data the produced).

All other solutions are yet only IDEAS - generated by the public at large, and organized by community votes. This creates a space for global brainstorming and the potential for unique perspectives to be heard.


For anyone who wants to go deeper or better understand: the Resources section represents a small/intuitive library of tools to clear up small confusions, get high band-width information (videos/visuals), or to get to the sources of data that build our foundation and ability to quantify these matters.

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